Lovers in Kiev (2012)

The idea to give its own kinoalmanah about  love to Ukrainian capital was born in the spring of 2010. The project was headed by Vladimir Horunzhy - Ukrainian producer who  worked 20 years in Hollywood. 8 young Ukrainian filmmakers showed their vision of love in  the modern metropolis according to the concept. The main actors are  Ada Rogovtseva, Vitaly Linetskiy, Artem Semakin, Ilya Isaev, Alexander Yatsenko and Elena Fesunenko. There are two acting debut of Ukrainian stars Ivan Dorn and Dasha Astafieva in this project. The world premiere of "Lovers in Kiev" was held in May 2011 at the International Film Festival in Monaco. General Producer Vladimir Horunzhy  presented the film in Cannes just a few days after. And since that day  "Lovers in Kiev" have received over 60 invitations to film festivals around the world, including the most prestigious film festivals in Europe and the USA.


The objectives of the project -

"To present Ukrainian cinema on the international cultural arena;
"Demonstrate the potential of the Ukrainian film industry in familiar format for  a Western audience  - short films about love in the modern metropolis;
"Provide an opportunity for self-realization and creative growth for  talented Ukrainian directors;
"Tell about Kiev and its people to  the world cultural community in an entertaining form, through the bright and romantic movie.

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